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Aunt And Uncle - Matching Game

  • aunt
  • uncle
  • skinny
  • meat
  • quiet
  • loud
  • still
  • to have fun
  • the sister your father or mother, or the wife your uncle
  • the brother your mother or father, or the husband of your aunt
  • very thin
  • food from the flesh of an animal
  • talking very little
  • making a lot of noise
  • but; despite that
  • to have a good time

Aunt And Uncle


He visits his aunt and uncle. They are very different from

each other. His aunt is tall and skinny. His uncle is fat and

short. His aunt likes vegetables. His uncle only eats meat.

His aunt is quiet. His uncle is loud. They still love each

other. They like it when he visits. He always has fun with his

aunt and uncle.