Adults / A1

Sometimes You Lose - Matching Game

  • lost
  • upset
  • sadly
  • to gives someone a hug
  • tears
  • to wipe
  • couch
  • to realize
  • past form of lose, to not win
  • sad
  • unhappily
  • to put your arms around someone to show you love them
  • drops of liquid coming out from your eyes
  • to clean
  • sofa
  • to understand

Sometimes You Lose


Sarah's basketball team lost today. She is upset. She walks

home sadly. She sits down on the couch. She starts crying.

Her mom sees her. She gives her a hug. Then, she bakes

Sarah's favorite cookies. The warm cookies make Sarah

smile. Sarah wipes her tears away. She realizes that

sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.